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Change Lock Screen On Honor 9/Honor 10/Honor 8/8X/7X/6X/6C/7C/7A (Guide)

If you’ve bought the new Honor smartphone, you could want to know how to change lock screen on Honor 10, Honor 9 or Honor 8/8X/7X/6X/6C/7C/7A. The reason for this is because you’ll be able to customize lockscreen on Honor 9/Honor 10 and make it different than others with the same phone. In addition, you can add widgets to make your phone more useful. Furthermore, you have the option to change wallpaper on lockscreen of Honor 9, Honor 10 or Honor 8/8X/7X/6X/6C/7C/7A.

You can add and remove several different kind of widgets from the lock screen of Honor 9, Honor 10 or Honor 8/8X/7X/6X/6C/7C/7A. All you need to do is open the Settings menu and browse and select on the Lock Screen featue. Once here, you’ll be able to some of the features that you can adjust on the lockscreen:

  • A dual clock: This options provides you with two clocks, one with the current location that you’re in, while the other is the time in your home location.
  • The clock size feature: You’ll also have the option to change the size of the clock that appears on the lock screen. From this setting, you can make the clock size smaller or larger.
  • Show the Date feature: With this widget, you’ll be able to show the data on your lock screen without having to unlock your Honor.
  • The owner info: Here you can add specific info about yourself like your social media accounts and other important information.
  • Unlock effect feature: With this setting, you can adjust the unlock feature with different effects. The most popular unlock setting is the watercolor effect.
  • Other Info: Several other widgets types can be added and removed with things like the weather and pedometer widgets.


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Changing lock screen on Honor 9, Honor 10, Honor 8/8X/7X/6X/6C/7C/7A

It’s simple to change the Honor 9/Honor 10/Honor 8/8X/7X/6X/6C/7C/7A lockscreen. All you need to do is go to an empty space on the screen and tap and hold on it until you see the Edit mode appear on the screen. Here, you’ll be able to add/remove different widgets and even customize the lock screen wallpaper. You can modify the wallpaper, by clicking on the wallpaper and by going to lock screen.

The Honor 9, Honor 10, Honor 8/8X/7X/6X/6C/7C/7A has a wallpaper set that is set standard for the lock screen. If you don’t like those options, you have the ability to select one of your images to have as the lock screen. All you need to do is tap on More Images, and select the picture that you want to set as your lock screen wallpaper. Finally just tap on the Set Wallpaper button to finish the process.

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