Display Content From Galaxy S8 To TV

In terms of dedication, Samsung sits at the top of the smartphone domain and its latest Galaxy S8 smartphone is clear proof of that. To be honest, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a monster of a smartphone you don’t find every other day. So trying to get the best out of it is something you need to try and do from the start. For instance, how do display content primarily on your smartphone on a television?

Samsung has a Smart View feature that simplifies displaying your phones content on to a TV. It is now down to you to connect your Galaxy smartphone to your Samsung Smart TV and certain Miracast devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can wirelessly broadcast your latest videos, presentations, photos or even your video games on to your big screen. For that to happen, you have to verify a few crucial aspects.

Your TV must be turned ON and connected to a parallel network as your Galaxy S8 device before you can turn ON Smart View. As long as there is a common network for sharing, it is then up to you to select the one that best suits you.


Displaying content from your Galaxy S8 on to a TV- using the notification panel

  1. From the Home screen, swipe your screen from the top to the bottom in order to reveal the Notification Panel
  2. Hit the Quick Settings panel
  3. Press on the Smart View option
  4. The available screen mirroring devices will be displayed. Touch on the device you wish to display your content on
  5. The device will then attempt to connect. Start sharing by simply following the instructions on your TV screen to allow the connection


Displaying content from your Galaxy S8 on to a TV using the Sharing menu

  • Open a photo or a video then press “share”
  • Press on Smart View
  • If you have previously never connected your Galaxy smartphone to a TV or any streaming device, you might be required to confirm the connection to your TV and you should do just that.
  • Now you should be sure that your image or video will be displayed on your TV. For videos, you only have to press “Play” on your mobile phone to start streaming it to your TV.


If you instead can’t get through and you can’t seem to stop running into issues, hit our comments section below and I can promise you that we’ll do our best to find a solution for you.


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