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Forgot Pin Password On OnePlus 5 (Solution)

If you have just recently purchased a new OnePlus 5, it may be in your best interested to learn how to fix the problem if you forgot pin password on OnePlus 5. You do not need to be concerned of this issue and we will talk you through a couple of different methods to reset password on OnePlus 5.

The more common method to perform a hard factory reset this way can erase important files and data from your smartphone. If you have not backed up your smartphone already, then we will describe a couple of ways to solve the problem if you forgot OnePlus 5 pin password.


OnePlus 5 Reset Password using Factory Reset

  1. Make sure your smartphone is turned off.
  2. Simultaneously click and hold the Home, Power, and Volume keys.
  3. Next, navigate to clear data/factory reset option and choose it with the power key.
  4. Go over “Yes-delete all user date with the volume key and chose it with the power key.
  5. After the phone is rebooted, turn your smartphone on again.
  6. Once your smartphone reset, everything on the device will be wipe and can set up once again.


Another method is to perform a factory reset the OnePlus 5. You should keep in mind that it is a great idea to have all of your files backed up just in case the backup process goes wrong.


OnePlus 5 Reset Password using OnePlus Find My Mobile

Another method you can use to fix forgotten pin password is to use Find My Mobile, or Find My Android. This feature is similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone. The setting has “Remote Control” features that will let you reset the password temporarily and go through the lock screen on OnePlus 5. If you have not registered your smartphone already with OnePlus yet, it is recommended to do it quickly as possible.

  1. Register One Plus 5
  2. Navigate to the Find My Mobile option and reset password temporarily.
  3. Create a brand new password


OnePlus 5 Password Reset using Android Device Manager

The last method you can use to reset password on OnePlus is by using Android Device Manager. If you have already registered the smartphone with a tool, then you may begin to use it. If it is not, simply register OnePlus 5 and you will be prepared to reset the pin code quickly.

Take a look at the instructions below on how to reset password using Android Device Manager:

  1. Navigate to Android Device Manager from the computer.
  2. Locate the screen to find your OnePlus 5.
  3. Have the “Lock & Erase” option turned on.
  4. Follow the instructions on your screen to have your smartphone unlocked.
  5. Make a temporary password.
  6. Put in a temporary password.
  7. Have a brand new password set.

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