Honor 9: Does It Have Notification LED Settings?

For those that have bought the new Honor smartphone, you probably want to know about the Honor 9 LED notification settings. The notification LED settings on Honor 9 will flash when you’ve got unread notifications on your phone.

This is a great feature to have that allows you to quickly know if theirs something that you’ve received on your device without having to check each app individually. But not everyone likes the LED notification settings on Honor 9 and some want to know how to turn off notification alerts.

If you’re one of those people want to know how to disable notification LED alerts on Honor 9, we’ll explain how you can do this with the instructions below.


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How To Turn Off And Disable LED Notification on Honor 9

  1. Turn on your Honor 9
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Tap on “Sound & Notifications”
  4. Browse and select on “LED Indicator”
  5. Change the “LED Indicator” toggle to off.


After you’ve turned off LED notifications on Honor 7, this is a great way to keep messages private without anyone knowing or just to avoid being distracted by these flashing alerts.


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