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How Do I Find IMEI Number On OnePlus 5?

For the people that just bought the brand new OnePlus 5, you could be curious how to find IMEI number on OnePlus 5. It is important to learn the IMEI of your device because it represents the serial number for the smartphone. Thus, if you lose the OnePlus 5, you can verify that you originally bought the device with the IMEI. If you do not have the greatest memory, it is recommended to write down the OnePlus 5 IMEI somewhere so you do not lose it.

IMEI, or International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, is a very specific number that is unique for each individual device. GSM networks use the IMEI number to make sure the device is valid. If your smartphone was blacklisted or stolen, the IMEI will not work and the device cannot connect to a network

You do a check for the IMEI number using AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon to check if your OnePlus 5 is usable and not blacklisted. You can view the IMEI number of the OnePlus 5 in different ways:



Show IMEI using service code

The simplest way that you are able to located your IMEI number on OnePlus 5 if you do not have the original box is to use a service code. You can do this by turning on the device and have the Phone app open. You can then enter *#06# in the dialer app.



IMEI on packaging

Another way in which you can find the OnePlus 5 IMEI number to find it on the original box. In a lot of cases, you can locate the IMEI number on sticker on the back of the package box.



Find out the IMEI using the Android system

The final method to locate IMEI on OnePlus 5is to go to System settings and find it. First, turn the OnePlus 5 on and navigate to Settings. Next, click “Device Information” and click “Status”. You will see a couple of different types of information for the OnePlus 5. Look and locate where it says “IMEI” which will be the IMEI serial number of the OnePlus 5.

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