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How To Change Languages On OnePlus 5

If you have just recently purchased the brand new OnePlus 5, it is a great idea to learn how to change languages on OnePlus 5 if your English is not the best. You can adjust the language settings on OnePlus 5 to a variety of different languages dependent on what language you are most comfortable with. Some of the languages on OnePlus 5 that you have are Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, German, India, Portuguese, and other languages.

The language settings will allow you to change the interface of all of your apps and other settings to the language that you would prefer. It is important to keep in mind that if you would like to change the OnePlus 5 keyboard, you must manually do that yourself. However, the good news is that you can take a look at the steps below in order to learn how change keyboard language on One Plus 5.



How to change language on OnePlus 5

  1. Make sure OnePlus 5 is turned on.
  2. Have the Settings application opened.
  3. Click on the My Device towards the top of you screen.
  4. Click Language below the Input and Language.
  5. On the top of your screen, choose Language.
  6. Choose the new language that you want.



How to change the keyboard language on OnePlus 5

  1. Make sure OnePlus 5 is turned on.
  2. Have the Settings app opened.
  3. Look for Language beneath the system section.
  4. Choose the gear icon close to the keyboard; choose a language that you would like.
  5. The language should be checked that you wish to not use anymore and check the box of the brand new language that you wish to use.

Once you begin to use the keyboard, you can swipe left or right on your space bar to change the language keyboards.



Can’t find the language?

For the people that cannot find the language that they wish to use for the OnePlus 5, you can root the OnePlus.

  1. Root the OnePlus 5
  2. Install and Download MoreLocale 2.
  3. Use MoreLocale 2 and click custom locale close to the top.
  4. Click the ISO3166 and ISO639 to choose your language and country from the list, and click Set.



Once you have followed the steps above, you can have the language settings adjusted on OnePlus 5.

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