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How To Change Lockscreen On OnePlus 5

Since OnePlus 5 is quite a popular device, you might want to try a couple of things that will help you stand out. Start from the Lock Screen, the interface that anyone gets to see before you unlock the phone and navigate. In this article, we have some hints for you. Some of the changes that we are about to show you are purely esthetically while others might have surprisingly practical benefits. Read on to see what we are talking about!


Discover the editing options of your OnePlus 5 Lock Screen:

  • The Show the Date – this option will make the date details visible right on the Lock Screen;
  • The Clock Size – this feature will let you display the time with a smaller or a larger font, at your convenience;
  • The Dual Clock – this widget is perfect when you travel and you need to constantly check both the time from the current time zone and the one from home;
  • The Additional Info – within this section, you can add a widget from a list of predefined options like the weather widget or even the pedometer;
  • The Camera Shortcut – this one will create a shortcut for the camera app, allowing you to take pictures without having to unlock the screen;
  • The Owner Information – this section is where you can type specific details about you, like the Twitter handle or anything else that would tempt you to use.


Want to change the OnePlus 5 Lock Screen? Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Home Screen of the OnePlus 5 smartphone;
  2. Tap on an empty area of the screen and hold it right there;
  3. When you see a pop-up menu, look for the main options listed in there – Widgets / Home Screen Settings / Wallpaper;
  4. Select the latter;
  5. Select Lock Screen;
  6. Look at the list of default Lock Screen images that will open up;
  7. Use the More Images button if you want to navigate through the Gallery of your OnePlus 5 and select another image (perhaps something captured with the phone’s camera app);
  8. Once you have decided for a particular image, use the button labeled as Set Wallpaper.


Leave the menus and check out the Lock Screen of the OnePlus 5 – it should be the image that you have previously selected!

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