How To Clear Cache On LG G6

The major reason behind the need to clear cache is because the LG G6 becomes slow and unexpected freezing. The best way to do this is to complete a factory reset so as to help the Android system to solve the software problem facing the LG G6. The following is an explanation on how to wipe cache on the LG G6.


What is Cache and What does it do?

There are two categories of cache when it comes to the LG G6 namely the apps cache and the system cache. The apps cache helps in storage of data temporarily and for the purposes of switching from one app to another. On the other hand, the system cache performs the same function but specifically for the individual apps.


How to Clear the App Cache on LG G6

This will only be applicable to solving problems on individual applications on the LG G6.For cache process to be completed successfully the following steps will be helpful in regard to the LG G6.

  1. Switch on the Smartphone
  2. On the settings go to the “Apps manager”
  3. Pick the application that you want to clear the cache
  4. Find the app information screen
  5. Tap on clear cache
  6. For the option of all the apps in the LG G6, select “Store”
  7. Opt for cache data to clear all the cache of all the apps in the LG G6


For the purposes of clear cache it is important to make sure that you are doing the right thing, but in any case, you want to clear data you can tap into clear data instead of cache data. This will include the passwords, game progress and others.


What to do if the clearing cache does not offer help

The only option left out if the problem is still there even after clearing the cache of each app is to reboot the device but after performing a backup to the LG G6 because all your information in the form of a file and other storage modes will be wiped out. Sometimes this problem becomes adamant even after taking the LG G6 through the above process. You can always try on to “Clear Cache Partition” and thereafter, reboot the device if the LG G6 does not respond positively.


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