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How To Enable Adoptable Storage On Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 doesn’t have a built-in adoptable storage feature that allows you to blend your internal memory and your microSD card memory together. Adoptable storage makes it easier to place all of your apps, music, and files onto one partition and allows your device to manage all of your data easier. Newer Android devices do have access to adoptable storage, and fortunately there is a way to make Galaxy S8 access the feature as well.

If you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S8 and would like to find out how to enable adoptable storage, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide we’ll explain to you how you can enable the adoptable storage mode, and you won’t even need to root your device to do it.

MoDaCo, also known as Paul O’Brien, a well known smartphone ROM developer, has found a method to enable adoptable storage on the Galaxy S8 – we’ll be explaining how to enable this feature with MoDaCo’s method.

A small tweak is necessary to get the adoptable storage working on your Galaxy S8. Once you’ve completed the tweak, you’ll be able to merge the internal memory and the microSD card memory together. For this to work, you’ll need to enable developer mode on your Galaxy S8. To do this, open the settings app, tap system, tap about device and then tap software info. On the next screen, tap ‘build number’ repeatedly until developer mode is unlocked. Once you have unlocked developer mode, go back to Settings > System > Developer Options and tap to switch on USB debugging.

It’s also suggested to backup all current data on your microSD card. This will make sure that you keep any files safe in case something goes wrong during the process we are about to list below.

You are also going to need to use a laptop or a PC to complete this process. You’ll need to install the Android SDK on your laptop or PC before you begin as well.


How to Enable Adoptable Storage on Galaxy S8:

  1. Connect your Galaxy S8to your computer or laptop
  2. Open the cmd command terminal and type adb shell
  3. Press enter, then find the ID of the microSD card in your Galaxy S8. To do this, type ‘sm list-disks’ in the cmd window
  4. The disk ID will appear. Make a note of the microSD card disk ID
  5. You’ll need the disk ID to successfully set up adoptable storage on your Galaxy S8. Next type ‘sm partition disk:(ID number) private’ remove the (ID number) section and replace it with your microSD card disk ID
  6. You have the choice to split your storage so that some microSD card remains separated, or you can turn all of your microSD card into adoptable storage. To split it, type sm partition disk: (ID number) mixed 50. If you want to merge all of the memory, type sm partition disk: (ID number) private


Once the process has completed, you can check to see whether your internal storage has been merged by visiting the internal storage section in your Galaxy S8 settings app.

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