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How To Fix Bluetooth Problems On Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3

Bluetooth connectivity problems are notorious with all kinds of smartphones, not just with Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3. But if you’re using this particular device and you cannot seem to connect it to any car, be it Mercedes Benz, BMW, Tesla, Audi, Mazda, Volkswagen, Toyota, Nissan, GM, Volvo and so on, we totally get your frustration.

Many other readers complain about it and the indignation is even bigger as Huawei didn’t bother to publish any kind of bug report on this topic so far, neither software, nor hardware.

Luckily, there are a couple of things that you could do to fix Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3 Bluetooth problems without having to wait for a fix from the manufacturer. One of the first things we would recommend you to try is this clear the cache guide.

With the instructions in it, you should be able to do it without problems. It is important to act in this direction because the cache is what lets temporary data get stored and if your Bluetooth can’t connect to other devices, clearing the Bluetooth cache is very important:

  1. Turn on your smartphone and go to the Home screen;
  2. Tap on the App icon;
  3. Select the Settings icon to access the general settings of the device;
  4. Browse until you find the Application Manager and select it;
  5. Once inside, look for the All Tabs window – try to swipe right or left and you should spot it easily;
  6. In there, tap on Bluetooth;
  7. Tap on the option that will stop it forcefully;
  8. Clear the cache;
  9. Tap on Clear Bluetooth Data;
  10. Tap on OK;
  11. Restart the smartphone.


When the device restarts, try to connect it to a car once again and see if you still haven’t fixed the Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3 Bluetooth problem. In this unpleasant situation, the next best thing you can try is a wipe cache partition. When you’re done, again, retry the Bluetooth connection with any other device in range and this time, it will work. After all, these are the most effective solutions on how to fix Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3 Bluetooth problems in the most various situations.


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