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How To Fix OnePlus 5 Black Screen Problem

For the people that have recently just bought the OnePlus 5 smartphone, it may be in your best interest to learn how to fix OnePlus 5 black screen issues. A lot of people have said the OnePlus 5 black screen appears randomly without any problems in the past.

In a lot of cases you do not need to be worried, there is a couple of different methods for the OnePlus 5 black screen and we will show you how to solve it below. A lot of these methods will take a couple of minutes to fix the problem and you will be able to use your OnePlus 5 again.


Wipe Cache Partition and Boot to Recovery Mode

We will explain how to get OnePlus 5 into Recover Mode to reboot the device below:

  1. Simultaneously click and hold the Home, Volume, and Power button.
  2. After your smartphone vibrates, let go of your Power button while holding onto the other two.
  3. Select Wipe Cache Partition and choose it with the Power key.
  4. After your cache partition has been erased, the device will begin to reboot.


Continue to read the guide further for a more specific explanation on how to clear cache on OnePlus 5.


OnePlus 5 Factory Reset

Another way to solve the black screen problem on OnePlus 5 is to do a simple factory reset on the smartphone. The fastest way to do factory reset on the OnePlus 5 is to navigate to the Notification center and click on the Settings. From there, you will be able to have the smartphone backed up and then do a factory reset the OnePlus 5.


Receive TechnicalĀ Support

Once you have followed the instructions above, if you have not solved the black screen issue on OnePlus 5, then it is recommended to take your smartphone back to where you bought it and have it checked. There could be something that is physically wrong with the smartphone that a carrier technician can decide the problem with it.

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