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How To Fix OnePlus 5 Bluetooth Problems

Some new OnePlus owners have reported Bluetooth issues on the OnePlus 5. We are here to assist you in learning how to fix Bluetooth issues on OnePlus 5. The Bluetooth problem is OnePlus 5 is a very painful issue that a lot of people face using this smartphone and OnePlus has unfortunately not published any software or hardware bug report so far.

Since this problem hasn’t been addressed anywhere there’s no correct way to fix OnePlus 5 Bluetooth issues on cars such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Nissan, Tesla, Volvo, Toyota, GM, Ford, or Mazda. However, the great news is there’s a variety of ways to solve the Bluetooth problems on OnePlus 5.

The initial method to fix Bluetooth problems on OnePlus 5 is to erase the Bluetooth data using the clear the cache guide. Cache lets user store temporary data to help switching between apps a bit easier. The problem is commonly occurs that when you connect the car Bluetooth device with your OnePlus 5. When you run into this type of problem, it is suggested to clear Bluetooth data and cache and try to reconnect. Take a look at the instructions below to learn how to fix Bluetooth problems on OnePlus 5.


How to fix OnePlus 5 Bluetooth problems:

  1. Make sure the smartphone is turned off.
  2. Navigate to your home screen and choose an app icon.
  3. Choose the settings option.
  4. Try to find the “Application Manager”.
  5. Swipe either left or right to show All Tabs.
  6. Choose Bluetooth.
  7. Choose to forcefully stop it.
  8. Clear Cache.
  9. Choose Ok.
  10. Restart your phone.


How to fix OnePlus 5 Bluetooth problems:

If the steps above don’t work, try putting your OnePlus 5 into recovery mode clear cache partition. Once done, try connecting your OnePlus 5 with a separate Bluetooth device and it should function. The steps should solve whatever Bluetooth issues you may be having on the OnePlus 5.

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