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How To Fix OnePlus 5 Turns OFF Randomly

If you’ve purchased the brand new OnePlus 5 device, you may want to learn how to fix OnePlus 5 turns off randomly issue. Usually, the smartphone does not have that many problems but occasionally users have commented that OnePlus 5 restarts and shuts off without warning.

This problem is not something that you need to be worried that much since is probably a software issue. Take a look at the steps below in order to fix the problem with One Plus 5 shuts off randomly and turns off.


Factory Reset on OnePlus 5

A good way to solve OnePlus 5 that randomly keeps shutting off is by doing a factory reset. You can take a look at the specific guide on how to factory reset the OnePlus 5. It is recommended that before you do a factory reset on OnePlus 5, make sure to back up all files and data to reduce the change that data is lost when you reset.


Clear OnePlus 5 cache

If you have done a factory reset and the issue is still occurring, then we recommend clearing the cache on One Plus 5. For a more specific guide to learn how to clear cache, take a look at how to clear the OnePlus 5 cache.

The initial thing that you must do is shut off the OnePlus 5. Then, click and hold the Volume Up, Home, Power buttons simultaneously. Be patient until the logo for the OnePlus appears and then release button. Once you notice the Recovery menu, use a Volume Down key to have the “Wipe Cache Partition” highlighted and select it with the Power key. Have the “Reboot System Now” highlighted and select it with the Power key.


Manufacture Warranty

Once you have tried the variety of methods above, but are still having issues with random restarts on OnePlus 5, then it is recommended to notice if you device is under warranty by your manufacturer. Some issues cannot be fix using software diagnostic check, but if you still have warranty for OnePlus, you can replace that can fix the issues.

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