How To Fix Overheating LG G6/LG G7 Issue

The LG is an absolute beast. With this chipset you’re given enough oomph to play the best games, scroll through apps and have plenty of processes running simultaneously. Unfortunately though, the processor in the LG G6 and LG G7 can overheat in some situations – this is an on and off issue that many processor chipsets have had in the past. Whilst a little extra heat may not be such a bad thing, extensive overheating can slow down your smartphone or even drain your battery faster. Follow the solutions below to fix your LG G6 or LG G7 overheating problem for good.


How to fix LG G6/LG G7 overheating problem:

Solution 1: Keep the LG on standby whilst charging

When power is sent to your phone via the USB charger, the phone can often heat up as power is transferred to the battery. If you play games or run too many apps whilst the smartphone is charging, the processor will start to heat up too. This can cause an overheating problem so it’s best to avoid using the LG G6 or LG G7 whilst it’s charging.


Solution 2: Remove your phone’s case

If you have a case on your LG and you’re noticing it getting hot, it may be because the case is stopping any temperatures from dissipating out the back of your phone properly. Sometimes removing your case, or keeping it off whilst playing games can stop it from overheating.


Solution 3: Reboot your phone

If you’re noticing your LG G6 or LG G7 is overheating without any clear reason, sometimes a quick reboot can help. It’s always good to reboot your phone every now and again to resolve any potential overheating issues on LG G7 and LG G6.


Solution 4: Go low on your phone’s brightness

The LG has a great display – it’s absolutely beautiful, but when at full brightness it can drain a lot of power from your device. By doing this, a lot of heat is created too. If you’d like to keep your LG temperature to a minimum and save battery life of the same time, you should lower your display brightness.

To do this, visit the settings app and then look for ‘display.’ In the display menu you’ll be able to use a brightness slider to adjust the brightness.


Solution 5: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS

The Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS chips in your phone all create heat when used, too – if you’re not using them you can switch them off to save battery and keep your LG G6 or LG G7 cooler.


Solution 6: Check the apps running in the background

The more apps that are running, the more your processor will be put under strain. In a lot of cases, background apps can drain a lot of processing power and this can cause an overheating issue. It’s best not to have too many background apps open at once unless you know you’re going to be swapping between them regularly. You can read this detailed guide on how to clear cache on LG G6 or you can tap the Recent apps button on your LG and swipe each app to close it down properly. Alternatively you can tap the ‘Clear All’ button to stop all background apps from running.


Solution 7: Disable Bloatware

A lot of times smartphones are pre-installed with apps and background processes that users don’t make the most out of. This is called bloatware and it’s often useful to remove, if possible. To disable any bloatware apps to save processing power and battery, go to settings and then tap on Application Manager. Tap on ‘All’ so that you can view all apps available. You can then scroll through the list, pick out apps you don’t use and disable them. To disable an app you’ll need to tap the app in question and then tap the disable button on the following page.


Solution 8: Software Updates

Make sure to keep an eye out for new software updates for your LG. New software updates often come with optimizations for your LG that can improve speed, performance, reduce overheating and improve battery life.


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