How To Fix Restarting Problem On LG G6 And LG G7

If you encounter a case where your LG G6 or LG G7 keeps restarting itself time and time again when it exhibited no such problems before, then it has a problem. Additionally, your LG G6 or LG G7 switches itself OFF several times with no warning. If your phone has exhibited such issues before, try out some of our solutions below of fixing the sudden restart problem of LG G7 and LG G6. If none of the fixes work for you, then it’s advisable to find an LG phone technician and have your LG fixed or replaced quickest possible.

Alternatively, if your LG is new yet exhibits these problems, you can check whether your device is still covered under the warranty. This may save you some money in case your device is seriously damaged. You could also have your device checked out by a certified LG technician if you have a LG G6 or LG G7 that won’t stop restarting, freezing or shutting OFF.

Most of the times the issue is brought about as a result of a new app that causes your LG G6 or LG G7 to crash, or it may be as a result of a defective battery that can’t provide the necessary performance any longer. Defective firmware will also cause crashes.

We will provide you with two ways to help fix your LG G6 or LG G7 with a ‘restarting’ problem.


The Android OS will cause LG G6/LG G7 to keep restarting

One common reason why your LG G6 or LG G7 will keep restarting is as a result of a new firmware that has been recently installed or updated. In such a case, a factory reset of your device is very much necessary. This guide will assist you on how to reset your LG G6 to its factory settings.

It is however important to back up your important files on your LG G6 or LG G7 before performing a total rest of your smartphone. This is because a factory reset of your device deletes all data on your phone such that your device looks new.


A new app is culpable of the sudden reboots

This makes use of the Safe Mode. Safe Mode is a mode on LG G6 and LG G7 that creates an environment for you to safely remove applications as well as bugs. Additionally, you can use the Safe Mode if some of the installed apps no longer work or if your LG G6 or LG G7 won’t stop restarting.

Switch OFF the LG completely. Keep pressing the Power key until the smartphone restarts. Once the LG logo shows, press and hold the Volume Down key. Keep hold of the key until SIM PIN request page appears. At the lower left, a field named “Safe Mode’’ appears.

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