How To Fix Wi-Fi Problems On Honor 9

For those that have bought the new smartphone by Honor, you could want to know how to fix WiFi problems on Honor 9. Several users have suggested that WiFi is slow or that it randomly switches to data without any notice.

Some ways of slow WiFi on Honor 9 is when using apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp or other types of apps. Some types apps just freeze or don’t really load anything, what ever problem you’re having with Honor 9 slow WiFi, we’ll explain below a few ways to fix this.


Honor 9 switches from Wi-Fi to Data randomly

Several users had said that their smartphone switches from WiFi to mobile data randomly. The reason that this happens is because of a feature on the phone called “Smart network switch” that changes your connection from WiFi to data when you have a weak Wi-Fi signal. This isn’t something you should worry about because this settings can be turned off so you don’t have to deal with it changing over to mobile data randomly.


Turning off smart network to fix WiFi problem on Honor 9:

  1. Turn on the Honor 9.
  2. Open Menu -> Settings -> Wireless.
  3. Browse for “Smart network switch”.
  4. Uncheck the box to disable Smart Network Switch.
  5. After you’ve done this, your phone will not switch between Wi-Fi and mobile Internet without notice.


Slow Wi-Fi issues on Honor 9

The Honor 9 slow wifi happens every so often and there’s several different factors that could be causing this to happen. The following are some recommendations on different methods to fix WiFi problems on Honor 9.


Fixing slow Wi-Fi issues on Honor 9 

  • Complete a Factory Reset on Honor 9
  • Attempt to forget your Wi-Fi network and then reconnect to it
  • Try resetting your router or modem
  • Adjust your Bandwidth Settings for the router
  • Adjust your router or modem’s security settings
  • You can also attempt calling the ISP and increase to a faster speed or bandwidth


In most cases one of the suggestions above should fix slow WiFi on Honor 9. But if the problem is still continuing on your device, it’s recommended that you perform a clear cache. If you don’t know how to clear cache, you can read this guide on how to clear Honor 9 phone cache.


Steps for fixing a slow Wi-Fi on Honor 9

  1. Power off the Honor 9
  2. At the same time hold the Power, Volume and Home keys
  3. Once the phone vibrates, wait for the phone to get into Recovery Mode
  4. Browse and select the Wipe Cache Partition option
  5. After the wiping cache partition has been completed, select the Reboot System Now option and restart your Honor 9


After you followed the steps above, you should know how to fix slow Wi-Fi on Honor 9.

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