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How To Fix Wi-Fi Problems On Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3

If you’re using a Huawei, you might have occasionally experienced different Wi-Fi problems on Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3. All smartphones do, but what matters most is the nature of the problem, how often it manifests and if there’s anything you can do about it. In this particular case, users complain that sometimes, when they are trying to use Google Now, they might get a message such as “Can’t reach Google at the moment” or the screen simply gets stuck on the “Recognizing…” part, without moving further.

Other times, the problem may be obvious even when there’s no text error involved. If you notice that images load extremely slow when using apps connected to the internet, such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or anything similar, it’s another aspect you need to consider.

Sometimes these photos or icons may not come up at all, but the lack of response, just like a slow response, with everything that involves accessing web pages, is always a sign that you might have to deal with the Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3 Wi-Fi problems.

The most natural thing would be to suspect a slow Wi-Fi connection on Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3. But if the same Wi-Fi signal is working flawlessly on other devices connected to the network, or if the signal is clearly strong but the connection is slow, try the following solutions:

  1. Restore the phone settings to the factory defaults;
  2. Access the Wi-Fi settings and make the device forget the current network, then scan for it once again and reconnect;
  3. Use the reset button of the modem or router;
  4. Switch your phone settings from DHCP to static connection;
  5. Edit the bandwidth settings of the modem or router;
  6. Adjust the security settings of the modem or router – you might also try to disable the security;
  7. Call your internet service provider for assistance – you can either try to troubleshoot the problem together or ask about an upgrade to a higher bandwidth or speed.


Most Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3 Wi-Fi problems are generally easy to fix through one of the above solutions. If you tried pretty much everything there is to try and you’re still unhappy with your wireless connection, the last step is to wipe the cache partition. This guide will show you in detail how to clear Huawei phone cache. The essential is that you can do it easily and without losing any kind of data. You just need to access the Android Recovery Mode and make a few simple tweaks.


To wipe cache partition:

  1. Turn off the smartphone;
  2. While pressing the Power button, simultaneously tap and hold the Volume Up and the Home buttons;
  3. Wait until the Huawei vibrates and the Recovery Mode starts;
  4. Use the Wipe Cache Partition option;
  5. Wait for a couple of minutes until it finishes and then restart the device with the Reboot System Now feature.


When none of the above helped, take your Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3 and all its Wi-Fi problems to an authorized service. There’s really nothing else you can do on your own here.


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