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How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The hard reset is no pleasant thing for a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It comes will all the worries that led you to this decision, when the smartphone started to act strangely and you didn’t know why or how to fix it. It comes with the pressure of making sure that you don’t forget to back up anything before you delete everything. And it comes with the stress that you’ll have to configure the device all over again when the reset is done.

First, learn how to back up your data from the Settings menu, under the Backup & Reset section. If it makes you feel more confident, try a backup app. Then, proceed to one of the two methods listed below. One is for when you can’t use the phone at all and the other one is for when you still have access to its menus.


Method #1:

  1. Go to Menu >> Settings;
  2. Go to Backup & Reset;
  3. Go to Reset device;
  4. Confirm by selecting Erase everything.


Method #2:

  1. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy Note 8;
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up + Power + Home buttons;
  3. When you see the Samsung logo, let go of it;
  4. Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset – from the Volume Down key;
  5. Initiate the process from the Power key;
  6. Confirm with “Yes – delete all user data”;
  7. Use Reboot System Now when it’s over.


As suggested, both methods are just as effective when it comes to performing a factory reset of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Both will give you the same results and both will require that you back up everything in advance. Whatever problem you’ve had that made you do this, it should be fixed by the reset. If not, it’s clearly something that a specialized technician should look into!

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