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How To Increase Mobile Internet Speed On Android

Internet speed is very important when browsing the web as it can change the experience when using apps, streaming content and other type of usage of Internet of your smartphone. The difference between slow and fast Internet makes a big difference. Below we’ll explain how to increase Internet speed on Android to have better performance when surfing the web and not having to wait until video or pictures load.


How To Increase Internet Speed On Android Phone

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

The first thing that you can do is remove apps that you don’t use. The main reason do to this is because these app if open are running in the background trying to fetch small pieces of data from the Internet so they always stay updated. One app might not make a big difference, but if you have a dozen or so apps that you don’t use doing this, then can slow down Internet speed on Android devices. Just simple adjustment of deleting apps on your phone will help increase Internet speed on Android phone.


Select Faster Web Browser

Sometimes the best way to increase mobile Internet speed on Android devices is to switch to a different browser. It’s been reported that some browsers are slower than other as some focus on providing you apps so they can make money, while others focus on privacy. Each mobile browser has it’s own goal and thus can affect your internet speed web browsing the web.┬áTry testing out different browsers like Opera Mini or Firefox to boost mobile Internet speed on Android devices.




Clear Cache Of Android Device

Another way that you can boost Internet speed on Android smartphones is by reducing all the clutter that is saved on your devices. It’s important to remember that everything you do on your phone is saved to help make life easier when doing it again in the future. But this can be a double edged sword as it can also slow down Internet speed on Android devices. You should clear cache of your Android phone and of the Internet browser that you’re using to increase Internet speed on Android phone.


Look At Some Android Apps

The final solution that we have is to take a look at the Google Play Store and browse a few of the apps that are available to increase Internet speed on Android smartphones. These apps allow for an Android boost to Internet speed when browsing the web using their advanced technology.


Hopefully some of these tips will help you improve Internet speed on Android smartphone that you plan to use to surf the web.

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