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How To Repair OnePlus 5 IMEI Number Problem

Your OnePlus 5 smartphone, like any other device, has its own IMEI number. When this identification code isn’t working, the phone itself isn’t working. From mobile data to calls and SMS, you might encounter all kinds of issues. Since the OnePlus 5 IMEI # issue is so serious, we’d like to show you what you have to do about it. And we have actually prepared two different methods that you can choose from.


For firmware update issues on OnePlus 5:

  1. Go to the Apps section of your smartphone;
  2. Navigate to Settings;
  3. Select the About Device section;
  4. Tap on Software Update;
  5. Wait for the OnePlus 5 to scan for updates;
  6. When you get the pop-up message, hit the Download button;
  7. Wait for it to finish the download and check the phone again.


For null IMEI repairs on OnePlus 5:

  1. Enable the USB debugging mode;
  2. Access the USB debugging mode;
  3. Connect the OnePlus 5 to a PC;
  4. Download the EFS Restorer Express;
  5. Launch the app;
  6. Run the EFS-BACK.BAT file;
  7. Select the desired method and restore the EFS with Odin.


These two methods, as you have probably noticed, act separately. For the OnePlus 5 smartphones with an IMEI # issue caused by an outdated firmware version, a software update is easy to do. Nevertheless, if you’re dealing with a null IMEI number, the process of restoring and repairing it will be a bit more complicated, though, not impossible.

Anyway, check our suggestions from above and don’t hesitate to let us know how did you fix the OnePlus 5 IMEI problem. Also, feel free to use an IMEI number check, just to be sure that there’s nothing more serious going on with your smartphone!

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