How To Screen Mirror On Honor 9

For those that have purchased the new smartphone from Honor, you could want to know how to screen mirror on Honor 9. When you use the Honor 9 for screen mirroring, you can display what appears on your smartphone’s screen on to the TV.

With the correct software and equipment, it’s very simple to screen mirror on Honor 9. Below we’ll be providing instructions on how to screen mirror with Honor 9 to TV.




Screen mirroring on Honor 9 using a wireless connection

Prior to starting the scree mirroring process, you’ll need to have an Allshare Hub. This is only needed for those that don’t already have a Smart TV. If you already have a Smart TV, then you won’t need to buy the AllShare Hub. Once you’ve have the Allshare Hub connect it to your TV using a standard HDMI cable .

  • Connect your Honor 9 and Allshare/Smart TV to the same wireless network
  • Open Settings and go to Screen Mirroring to enable this feature.


After you follow the steps above, you should know how to screen mirror on Honor 9.

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