How To Turn On Or OFF Message Preview For Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3

There is a feature known as the Preview Message on Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3 which was to designed to enable you get a quick preview of your messages. You won’t have to unlock your phone to preview your messages. However, the preview message sometimes breaches privacy and may show previews of very sensitive messages which you wouldn’t want to share with other folks. For this reason, you might want to disable the message preview feature.

If you would like to know how to turn off the message preview feature, there is a way for you to do so, and you will learn about it the guide to follow. This guide helps you know how to turn off or on the preview message on Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3 lock screen as well as from the notifications bar.


 Enabling and Disabling the Preview Message feature

  1. Power on your Huawei smartphone
  2. From the menu, open the Settings
  3. Locate the Application from the settings and click on Messages
  4. From the messages menu, open notifications.
  5. Locate an option called Preview Messages
  6. Here you should see two boxes. One of them is for Lock Screen and the other one is for Status Bar
  7. For those boxes you do not want the preview message feature to be enabled, uncheck them


Just recheck the boxes once again if you would like the Preview Message feature enabled for a particular option. Preview Message on Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3 allows you to keep notifications as well as messages private especially if you normally receive important and sensitive messages.

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