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How To Use Flashlight On LG G6 And LG G7

You may have recently ran into the situation where you are in a dark area and you need a source of light and you remember that your LG G6 or LG G7 has a flashlight that you can use but you aren’t sure how. Even though the LG G6/LG G7 has a flashlight, it is still recommended to use a LED Maglight instead.

You may have recently needed to install app that enabled you to use the LG G6 and LG G7 flashlight feature. However, you no longer need to download a Torch app for the LG G6/LG G7 as there are widgets for the LG that will enable you to turn on or off the flashlight.

You can get to the feature quickly from your home screen using small shortcuts called widgets. They look similar to icon for an app but its function is different.

You will be able to use the Torch on LG G6 and LG G7 so you can use the LG G6/LG G7 flashlight feature using the widgets that are built in.


Using the LG G6 and LG G7 for a flashlight:

  1. Make sure the LG is turned on.
  2. Click on the Home screen using your finger until you notice the Widgets, Home screen settings, and Wallpaper pop up on your screen.
  3. Choose the Widgets icon.
  4. Scroll through until you find the Torch widget.
  5. Put the Torch widget on the Home screen moving it to a open position.
  6. Click on the Torch widget when you feel like you need to use the LG flashlight feature.
  7. You can navigate to the notification settings or click on the icon in order to turn off the Torch widget and turn the flashlight off.


You will be able to turn the LG G6/LG G7 flashlight on by following the instructions that are above. You can use similar steps in order to use the LG G6 and LG G7 flashlight using launcher except that the location of the widgets may be different.


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