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How to use OnePlus 5 Micro SIM Guide

If you have been curious if you need to purchase the brand new OnePlus smartphone, a good set of info you need to know is the SIM size of OnePlus 5. This is because some previous device’s SIM cards will not function with the newer model of OnePlus 5.

You will need to learn the kind of SIM card the OnePlus 5 uses. This is because you need it to use the device and data connection properly. Since there are a variety of SIM card models, you will need to learn the correct one that works with OnePlus 5. The OnePlus 5 uses Nano-SIM Card only.


The OnePlus 5 needs a Nano SIM Card

For the people that have either Micro or Standard SIM card, you will need to buy a Nano SIM card for it to function with the OnePlus 5.


SIM card that does not have nano-perforation

For the people that do not have a SIM card with nano perforation, you will be able to create a bigger SIM car using a “SIM card cutter”. If you use a SIM card cutter, you can make your card so that it will function with the OnePlus 5.

Keep in mind that when you use a SIM card cutter for your device, there is a slight chance that you may damage the SIM card if you do not cut it the right way. If the SIM card gets damaged when you are cutting it, there is always the possibility of going to your wireless store and asking them for a brand new SIM card that will function with the OnePlus 5.

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