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Install CWM Recovery On Any Android Device Quickly

In our tutorials, we have covered the procedure for flashing customized Read Only Memory on the Devices Running Google OS Android. You are therefore aware that there are some basics that you should complete. Therefore, in this tutorial, you will learn the procedure for installing the custom recovery image or what we call CWM recovery. This procedure applies to the Android devices which include the smartphones and also the tablets. Therefore if you would like to tweak your smartphone, read and apply these steps appropriately.

Before getting started, we advise that you should be sure that you would like to complete this procedure. To help you in identifying the need, here are some of the things you should be aware of.

  • The CWM is usually installed only in case the handset is rooted. Thus, even before you apply the steps give here; learn about rooting a smartphone or Android
  • Your phone`s Warranty will become null and void. This is because through the procedure you will unchain the operating system of the phone. Note that root is an unofficial operation
  • The device comes with recovery image. There is the Recovery Stock which ideally will be pre-installed on the Android device
  • Custom recovery is also used when you are attempting to use the flash zip files. These are in the SD card


Therefore, you should learn how to install a custom recovery if the above is well with yourself. Further, you might want to know why the CWM Recovery is important. The answer is so simple. The Clock Work Mod Recovery is a popular recovery that is usually available for the Android systems. This tool is availed to you on the Apps developed by Google store. The recovery also comes with exciting features and will run smoothly on your handset.

Now that you are ready to run the CWM recovery starts the flashing procedure. This way, you can now be able to avoid any unexpected occurrences. Your phone will also be ready for the installation.

  • Note that the recovery tool for CWM is not compatible with all the devices. Therefore before you get started to ensure your device is among the compatible devices.
  • Backup the data before you begin the procedure. All important files should be backed up.
  • Root the phone before the procedure starts
  • You need a computer if you are running unofficial CWM recovery. So you need the USB cable to connect to the computer. Once you have these ready, you will also be expected to download suitable CWM version for the recovery
  • Check out my directions for accuracy. Don’t run the procedure without following these steps or else your phone will brick.


Installing CWM Recovery On Android Devices

  1. First, download the recovery tool for CWM
  2. With your device check out this
  3. Download the app and install it.
  4. Open the CWM recovery
  5. Select the “CWM Recovery Flash”
  6. To complete the operations that you need, use the recovery menu
  7. Access the CWM recovery using a different approach. To do this, turn the device off and reboot it while pressing the Volume+, Home key, and Power key concurrently. Note that the keys differ as per the phone you are using.


You are all set! Now you can reboot to Google OS by selecting the reboot now command.


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