LG G6: How to Fix It From Crashing and Freezing

There are a number of reasons as to why the LG G6 freezes and as a result, it crashes. Some of the problems that cause the crashing are the software that the LG G6 is running on. It is vital to make sure that every user updates the software to the latest. This is not a guarantee that all the apps will run as usual but if this does not offer any solution, below is a guide to help fix the LG G6 that persistently freezes and crashes.


Factory reset the LG G6

Factory resetting the LG G6 will solve the problem completely not unless the problem is not within the operations of the Smartphone. However, it should be understood by every user that the process will definitely delete all the information including apps and Google settings in the LG G6 and they may not be recovered again. Before you factory reset the phone just backup the files and if this is a puzzle to any user, it is imperative you read here how to factory reset the LG G6. To be on the safe side and avoid frustrations.


Memory Problem

The crashing of the apps in the LG G6 can be as a result of the memory issues that the phone is facing. This is after staying for a long time without restarting the phone leading to the random crashes. It is wise to restart the phone to see if the problem will cease, but if it doesn’t, here is an idea.

  1. On the home screen tap on the apps
  2. Go for the manage apps
  3. Tap on the application in question
  4. Select clear data and clear cache
  5. Delete bad applications to solve crashing problems


Remember that as a user, you cannot fix the technical problems that come with the third party apps, neither LG G6 manufacturers can offer any help. The possible reason could be caused by the third party apps that you have downloaded into your LG G6. Before you settle on any applications on Google, take your time to read reviews and get the opinion of the other users. If you find that the app has bad reviews then you have no option than to delete it from you LG G6.


Lack of Memory

The memory problem on the LG G6 can be caused by too many apps or files that are stored in the LG G6 Smartphone. To get a solution, delete the unused apps or those that you don’t use quite often, you can also eliminate some of the media like images, and videos. This will create more space in the internal memory of the LG G6 Smartphone


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