LG G6: How To Use HotSpot

Many are the times you will be away from home and you wish to connect your PC to the internet. Your other option would be to use the LG G6 hotspot feature that allows you to connect devices to Internet services. Having this option to pick from is great especially where the available connection is a public connection and you want a secure connection to the Internet.

What’s even cool about the LG G6 smartphone is that you can do all that without having to worry about the power drainage by your device. This is because of the LG G6 long battery life that remains stable in whichever manner you use your phone. To enable the Hotspot feature you need to first set up the Hotspot on your LG G6. And this is pretty easy. Below are guidelines on how to set up mobile hotspot as well as change the security password on your LG G6.


Turning your LG G6 into a wireless hotspot

  1. Power ON your LG G6
  2. Open the Notifications settings through swiping down the Home screen
  3. On the upper right corner of your screen, press Settings
  4. Open Tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot
  5. Then press on Mobile Hotspot
  6. Toggle the ON/OFF switch to ON
  7. An attention screen pops up warning that Wi-Fi will be turned OFF. Press OK.
  8. To connect another Wi-Fi enabled device to your LG G6, follow the instructions at the bottom of your screen


Changing the password and the security type for your hotspot on your LG G6

It is basic for the LG G6 mobile hotspot feature to add a password as a security protocol. It also sets WPA2 security as its default. To alter these settings, follow our guidelines below.

  1. Power ON your LG G6
  2. Open the Notification Settings through swiping down the Home screen
  3. On the upper right corner of your screen, press on Settings
  4. Then open Tethering and Hotspot
  5. Hit on Mobile Hotspot
  6. Hit the 3-dot sign to view more options
  7. Hit on Configure
  8. Then change the password to your preference then hit Save


You should note that particular data plans do not offer Mobile hotspot unless you upgrade to the service. If you’ve followed the instructions above and your Hotspot seem not to be working, it is recommended that you contact your wireless data carrier to check whether they offer a compatible data plan.


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