LG G6/LG G7: How To Fix Not Charging Problem

Hopefully you’ve had your LG without coming into too many problems. However, one recurring issue involves a problem with the LG G6 and LG G7 not charging properly. If you can’t charge LG G6 and LG G7 properly, even though your USB cable is working fine, you should attempt to follow the methods we’ve listed below. These methods are quick troubleshooting fixes that can be used to resolve any charging issues.

If your LG G6 or LG G7 isn’t charging properly, these common reasons below can often be the cause. Once we’ve had a look at the possible causes, we can then look at resolutions.

  • Connectors on the LG battery are bent or damaged in some way
  • Phone is damaged.
  • The battery is damaged.
  • The wall charging unit is damaged.
  • Temporary issue that may be resolved with a software update.
  • Phone is faulty in some way.


Changing Cables

Usually the first place to start with any charging problems is the charging cable itself. The charging cable can go through a lot of wear and tear and the connection can often be damage. Fortunately, getting a new charging cable won’t cost you much whatsoever. To find out whether your charging cable is damaged, ask a friend to borrow their USB cable temporarily.


Reset LG G6/LG G7

Surprisingly, charging problems can relate to a software issue. Sometimes software issues can be fixed with a simple reset. Alternatively, you may need to update your LG G6 or LG G7 software. Follow this detailed guide here for more information.


Clean USB Port

If your USB charging port doesn’t look broken, it still may not be able to charge if there is any debris or dust blocking the connection. If you see any dirt or dust, you can easily clean your USB port by using a small paper clip into the port on both the LG and the wall charging unit and carefully pushing out any dust.


Get Support From Authorized Technician

Still can’t get your LG G6 or LG G7 to charge? Your best bet may be to get in contact by an authorized LG technician. Fortunately the charging error may be a fault with the device – this may sound bad, but if you’re still in warranty you could potentially get your device replaced or repaired for free.


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