LG G6/LG G7 Won’t Turn ON (Solution)

The owners of the LG G6 and LG G7 can face a challenge of the fact that the phone does not respond when the power button is pressed to switch on. The screen does not wake up but on some other parts of the phone light up. Before you try and fix the problem you have to make sure that you connect the LG G6/LG G7 to a power source to confirm that it is not the battery that is too low that cannot turn on LG G6 and LG G7.

This could not be the only reason that may make the LG G6/LG G7 not to switch on there are other causes behind this problem and below are the possible ways to try out fix the problem of LG G6 and LG G7 that won’t turn on. For this problem, to be fixed it is wise to press the “Power” several times to be assured that it the power button that does not work.

Press it several times until you are satisfied that the LG G6/LG G7 does not work. If you have tried this and the problem persists then try the following.


Boot to Recovery Mode and Clear Cache Partition

To set the LG to the recovery mode:

At the same time long press the power, home and volume up key

Continue holding the home button and the volume up when the phone vibrates but now you can release the power button. When the Android system recovery screen appears you let go of the two buttons that you still holding down, that is the home key and the volume up. Highlight the “wipe cache “using the “Volume Down” and complete the process partly by pressing the power button.

LG G6/LG G7 will reboot automatically after the process of clear cache partition is finished. Learn how to clear cache on the LG G6


Boot to Safe mode

To boot the Smartphone to “Safe mode” you have to be aware that this process will only be successful on the pre-loaded applications on LG G6 and LG G7. Here are the steps to complete the safe mode status.

  • Switch on the LG
  • Long press on the power button
  • Release the power button upon the appearance of the LG screen and then you press the volume down key.


Factory reset the LG G6 and LG G7

This one of the most recommended methods to solve the problem of LG G6 and LG G7 that won’t turn on. You can get tips on how to factory reset the LG G6, have to back up all your important files and data stored in your LG G6 Smartphone because they will be deleted after the LG G6/LG G7 is factory reset.


Get Technical support

Take the phone back to the stores that you bought it if all of the above methods have not offered any solution to the LG smartphone. This can be checked well with the technicians if there are any other internal damages in the LG G6 and LG G7. A replacement can be done if not repairing the LG smartphone.


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