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Not Getting Texts On OnePlus 5 (Solved)

If you have just recently purchased a new OnePlus device, you may face a problem with not receiving texts on OnePlus 5. Occasionally, you may not be getting text messages or SMS from iOS users such as the iPhone. You do not need to worry if this happens to you as this kind of problem can be fixed in a variety of ways when you are not getting text on OnePlus 5.

The most shared problem is the OnePlus can’t get text message or SMS when someone sends a text from iPhone or the OnePlus can’t send text messages or SMS to people on Android, Windows, BlackBerry since the message is sent through iMessage,

These problems are very common for people that use the OnePlus 5, however, you can easily be fixed. The initial solution for the people that used iPhone’s iMessage in previous times and then transferred their SIM to OnePlus. It is very possible that you did not deactivate iMessage before you changed the SIM card with OnePlus 5.

If this has happened to you, iOS smartphones believe that you are on iMessage and you will receive that type of text instead of SMS. Take a look at the steps below in order to learn how to fix One Plus 5 not getting texts.


How To Fix OnePlus 5 Can’t Receive Messages:

  1. Make sure OnePlus 5 turned off.
  2. Remove the SIM card.
  3. Reinsert the SIM card.
  4. Put your SIM card back into the OnePlus you used prior.
  5. Connect the OnePlus 5 to a data network such as LTE or 4G.
  6. Navigate to the Settings, Message, and have iMessage turned off.


For the people that don’t have their original iPhone on hand, or can’t disable iMessage, you can navigate to Deregister iMessage online and disable iMessage there.

Once you get to the page for deregister iMessage, scroll down to choose the option for “no longer have your iPhone?” From there, you will put in your cell number, choose region and receive a code, which confirms that you own the device. Be patient until you receive the code and then enter in the section “enter confirmation code” and hit submit.

Once you have followed the instructions above, the problem you have been having should be gone and you should be able to get text message on OnePlus 5.

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