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OnePlus 5 Clear Cache Guide

If you’ve bought the new OnePlus smartphone, it’s a good to know how to clear cache on OnePlus 5. Several different issues can be solved by clearing the cache, including lagging apps, slow performance of One Plus 5 and several other types of software glitches/bugs.

The first thing you do before you do an OnePlus 5 clear cache is to complete a factory reset on OnePlus 5. If this doesn’t solve the problem you’re having with your device, we’ll explain a few different ways that you can clear cache on OnePlus 5.


What is the cache and what does it do?

Prior to clearing OnePlus 5 cache, it’s a good idea to explain the different types of cache on your phone. One type of cache is within the app, while the phone’s system also as it’s own cache. These two are different and we’ll be explaining the differences between the two.

The app cache is based on third-party apps that you download from the Play Store. They have their own cache that allows for quicker usage of the app. Things like a remembered username/password, game settings and preferences are all part of the app cache. System cache is related to everything else that’s not part of the third-party apps.


How to clear app cache on OnePlus 5

  1. Power on your OnePlus 5
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Select App Manager
  4. Select on the app that you want to clear its cache
  5. Browse for the app info on the screen
  6. Tap on Clear Cache
  7. If you’d like to all app cache, then go and tap on Settings > Storage
  8. Tap on Cached Data, to clear all app caches



Clearing app cache doesn’t help?

If you’ve gone ahead and cleared the app cache, but you still have One Plus 5 problems. It’s suggested that you go ahead and uninstall the problematic app and reboot the device.

Prior to resetting the OnePlus 5, we recommended that you backup data and files in case something goes wrong when you reset your OnePlus 5. If once you’ve rebooted the device, but the problem is still happening, then follow the steps below for another solution to system cache on OnePlus 5.


How to clear the system cache on OnePlus 5:

  1. Power off your OnePlus 5
  2. Hold the Power, Home and Volume buttons at the same time
  3. Once the vibrates and the logo appears, let go of the power button
  4. Select the Wipe Cache Partition option with the Power button
  5. Use the Power button and select on Yes
  6. Then Reboot System Now by pressing on the Power button
  7. After you phone reboots, then the OnePlus 5 system cache will be cleared


Once you’ve read the instructions above, but you still have the problem with your One Plus 5, we suggest that you hard reset OnePlus 5

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