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OnePlus 5 Factory Reset

If you’ve purchased the new smartphone from OnePlus, you should know how to factory reset OnePlus 5. The great thing about doing an OnePlus 5 factory reset is that it’ll allow you to make your phone basically brand new, as it’ll clear everything saved on your device.

Besides getting a fresh restart with your One Plus 5, there are few other reasons you’d want to factory reset OnePlus 5. Some of these include fixing a software problem or minor glitches that can be solved with a reset.

Before you go to factory reset One Plus 5, we suggest that you back up the phone first to prevent losing data and files when completing a factory reset. The best way that you can backup your phone is by opening Settings and selecting on Backup & reset.



Factory Reset OnePlus 5

The most effective way that you get OnePlus 5 to factory reset is by opening the Notification center. You can do this by swiping down and selecting on the gear icon to bring up the settings page. Once you get there, tap on Backup and reset.

Next select Factory data reset and an option will show up saying Delete all, tap on that. Now your One Plus 5 will begin to reboot and then the OnePlus 5 factory reset will be complete.

Once you’ve followed the instructions provided above, you’ll be able to factory reset OnePlus 5.

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