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OnePlus 5: Gyro Stopped Working And Won’t Rotate – Solved

Many people who notice that the OnePlus 5 device no longer rotates its screen are tempted to suspect an accelerometer or a gyroscope problem. Imagine their embarrassment when they discover that the smartphone was actually working just fine and the screen rotation has been turned off by mistake.

If you’re reading this, you know that this isn’t the case with your device. You’ve checked the screen rotation option, it’s turned on, and still, the Internet pages that you access are stuck in a vertical position, no matter what you do. And just to make it clear that you are dealing with a different kind of problem, the OnePlus 5 also decided to play you tricks with the camera app.

If you launch this app and discover that everything is upside down, the buttons and the menus on the display included, you have to check out the tips we are about to present you. We’re looking at a potential:

  • Operating system bug;
  • Gyroscope or accelerometer malfunction;
  • Another hidden problem of the OnePlus 5.


Obviously, the main things you could try would involve:

  • Testing the sensors of the device, from the Service Mode;
  • Performing a software update;
  • Initiating a hard reset of the smartphone.


If you’ve searched the web for this particular issue, you might have found, aside from this reset guide from here, that some users recommend you to hit the device with the back of your hand. We left this option out of our list of suggestions for some obvious reasons. We are strongly against applying “physical” corrections to a OnePlus 5 device, whether it is a gentle jolt or a strong shake.


That’s not the proper way to handle a screen won’t rotate problem. If you think that giving your phone a kick instead of restoring it to its factory defaults would make more sense, you’re doing it at your own risks!

Now, assuming that you have performed a software update but nothing changed, you can enter the Service Mode if your wireless carrier allows it:

  1. Access the Dial Pad;
  2. Type in *#0*#;
  3. Wait to see what happens.


If you move on to a new window, you can select Sensors and do the self-test in there. If nothing happens, it means that the carrier is blocking your access, so, we’re back to square one.

The last thing you can do to fix the OnePlus 5 screen won’t rotate issue is that hard reset that we were telling you about. Read this guide here for all the details you need. But first, protect all your data by going to Settings and initiating a backup under the Backup & Reset menu.

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