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OnePlus 5: How Do I Create Folders On Home Screen

Being able to create folders on a OnePlus 5 device where you are also able to install as many third-party apps as the internal memory allows you, makes common sense. But many people are not aware that they have this option. Or, in any case, they only start thinking about it as they realize that the home screen panels are covered in app and widget icons.

Do you want to learn how to create new folders on your smartphone’s home screen? How to better organize your apps? And how to declutter all those panels? You’ve come to the right place.

It might not feel very intuitive, but creating a folder will actually have to start from selecting the first app that you want to integrate into that folder. You select and hold the app, then drag it on top of the second app that should be included in that folder. When you release the first app, you get a window where you can type in the name of the folder that you are about to create. Right after this step, you’ll see the new folder on the home screen of the OnePlus 5. Open it and you’ll find the two apps. Alternatively, you might want to try these steps.


How Do I Create Folders On OnePlus 5 Home Screen

  1. Turn on the phone and go to its Home screen;
  2. Press and hold on one particular app;
  3. Drag that app and release it at the top of the screen, on the New Folder option;
  4. Edit its name and pick something suggestive for the apps you’ll move in that folder;
  5. Use the Done button from the keyboard;
  6. Start dragging as many other apps as you want to bring in this folder.


By the end of this simple process – regardless of the steps you have selected – your OnePlus 5 screen will look a lot better!

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