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OnePlus 5: How To Customize Lock Screen

What’s your idea of customizing the OnePlus 5 Lock Screen? We ask because some of our readers want to know if they can adjust the widgets available on that screen. Others, on the contrary, don’t bother about those features but want to know if they can add another wallpaper. And, of course, we also have readers who want to use a particular photo, taken with their OnePlus 5 camera, as a background image for this Lock Screen.

You can do all these things, without exception. For the wallpaper issue, you have to unlock the phone and long press somewhere on an empty corner of the Home screen. You’ll see the Editing screen popping up and, at the bottom of the display, the three main options – Home Screen Settings, Widgets, and Wallpaper. By tapping on the third one, you get to see that list with OnePlus 5 predefined options.

If you just want to change the Lock Screen wallpaper with any image, surf through the list of predefined images available in there. If you’re from the third category and want to use a personal photo, hit the More Images label and navigate to the OnePlus 5 library, where all the pictures taken with your camera should be available.

Once you have selected the image, use the button that says “Set Wallpaper” and you’re done. Now, let us move on to the part where you adjust the features listed on the Lock Screen.


If you’re interested, you can get to:

  • Add widgets like the Pedometer or the Weather app – use the Additional Information feature;
  • Add a custom message or some contact details or even your Twitter handles – use the Owner Information feature;
  • Add a shortcut to the camera app – with the Camera Shortcut feature;
  • Add the date details – with the Show the Date feature;
  • Add the current time for a destination you’re visiting – with the Dual Clock feature;
  • Adjust the size of the time details – with the Clock Size feature;
  • Add a cool effect for every time when you unlock the screen – like the Watercolor option of the Unlock Effect feature.


Anything else you want to know about customizing the OnePlus 5 Lock Screen? Go ahead and ask us!

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