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OnePlus 5: How To Cut, Copy And Paste

If you have just bought the OnePlus 5, you may be curious how you can copy, cut, or past. Take a look at the guide below in order to learn how you can do all three of these things to use your phone more efficiently.

The copy, paste, and cut tools on your OnePlus 5 are effective, powerful, and simple are great but they are bit hard to find. These three tools are the same as they would be on a Windows or Mac computer. When you use the three tools, you easily remove words and highlight word or copy them from a text. Take look at the instructions below in order to learn how you can copy, paste, and cut on the OnePlus 5.


How to Cut, Copy, Paste, and Cut on the OnePlus 5

A great way to cut, paste, or copy on your OnePlus 5 is to choose your text that you would like to cut, paste, or copy and hold press on the text. Once you have done this, a menu bar will be the top of your screen that says “select all, cut, copy, and paste”. Once you have chosen the tool you want to do, go to the menu at the top.

If you are using the tools while you are browsing the Internet, you must have choice to share the text using the “Android Share Text”. Just move the tabs to the place you want to copy and then paste it by hold pressing it. When you are in a empty text, just hold press to show a pop that will say “Paste” and choose paste to put the text that you already copied to that space.

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