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OnePlus 5: How To Disable And Enable Predictive Text

For the people that have just recently bought the brand new OnePlus device, it is recommended to learn how you can turn off and on predictive text with the OnePlus 5. Predictive text is a feature that recommends certain words or phrases based on what you have already said in the message and it will show up above your keyboard. It takes what you have sent in previous messages and recommends words for your writing pattern.

The Predictive text feature is great because it lets you text easier and faster when you use your OnePlus 5. However, some users do not like this feature, so we will show you how you can turn on and off predictive text on your OnePlus 5 below.


Turning off the predictive text on OnePlus 5:

  1. Make sure your OnePlus 5 is turned on.
  2. Have your Settings app open.
  3. Click on the Language and Input option.
  4. Look and choose the Keyboard option.
  5. Change the Predictive Text OFF.


Advanced settings for the OnePlus 5

A great thing about your OnePlus 5 is that is actually has Advanced settings menu which give you more power for predictive text. From here, you can make a bunch of time delays.


Text correction options for OnePlus 5

If the predictive text is enabled, there might be a change in that words that seem incorrect but are not. You have the choice to go to your main menu and put in the words that you specifically use that might not be recognized by Predictive text and put them in the dictionary so that Predictive text will not accidentally fix something that is correct.

Once you have followed the steps above, you will be able to turn off and on predictive text on your OnePlus 5.

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