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OnePlus 5: How To Disable Background Apps

Not even the best smartphones in the world would be able to showcase their amazing features without a reliable battery. OnePlus 5 also makes great use of its built-in battery. So, when you notice it starts losing power and draining too fast, you are right to be worried. At the same time, before you consider that you need to replace it, take a look at the apps running in the background. More often than not, these have a special ability to make the battery die fast. Turn those apps off and the battery might turn out to work just fine.

What kind of apps should you blame, you wonder? You’d be surprised, but all kinds of apps can hinder your efforts of saving the phone’s resources. From email and lifestyle apps to social media apps, anything that can use your internet connection might do that. They push notifications, search for updates, automatically update their software and so on.

Would you like to manually update those apps or, at least, get to decide when to let them run in the background and when not to let them run? You’ll have to start by manually closing those apps. You’ll see, some apps can be blocked in bulk while others require particular interventions.


For all those background applications:

  1. Use the Recent Apps button;
  2. Select the Active Apps icon;
  3. Select End All >> OK.


Noteyou can also end the applications listed in there one by one!


For all those background services:

  1. Use the Settings menu;
  2. Go to Accounts;
  3. Select your OnePlus;
  4. Select your account name;
  5. Uncheck all the services you want to stop running in the background.


The apps and services that require special interventions refer to the Gmail and the custom OnePlus services, the Facebook and the Twitter accounts.


Disable the OnePlus service and Gmail background data:

  1. Go back to Settings;
  2. Select the Accounts entry;
  3. Select OnePlus;
  4. Select your account name;
  5. Identify the services that you want to stop and check them one by one.


Disable the Facebook data:

  1. Access the Facebook settings menu;
  2. Find the Refresh Interval option and select it;
  3. Check the option labeled as Never.


Disable the Twitter data:

  1. Go back to Accounts;
  2. Tap on the Twitter menu;
  3. Find the Sync Twitter option;
  4. Uncheck the Sync Twitter option.

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