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OnePlus 5: How To Fix Freezing And Crashing Problem

There could be many reasons why the OnePlus 5 keeps freezing and crashing, some of which are obvious depending on context. If you’re having problems every time when you are launching the Twitter app, for instance, it is clearly an app-related issue. If the problems are random, however, you can suspect:

  • Several apps that are malfunctioning;
  • An operating system problem;
  • A memory problem;


For various app problems…

You could try a factory reset. It’s fast and clean, it will spare you from many other potential issues, and it should easily fix the freezing and crashing. Make sure you back up all the data that matters to you before anything else – the reset will delete all the saved data. After that, you can start reading this guide with OnePlus 5 factory reset instructions and learn what you need to do.

If it’s just a one-app problem, consider removing it completely. Check the Play Store and see if other users are having the same complaints. If they do but the developer hasn’t come with any improvements lately, remove apps on the One Plus 5.┬áTime to get rid of that problematic app!


For a potential OS problem…

You could try a software update. Access the settings of the device and scan for the latest software update available. Install whatever you find and then test the smartphone to see if you’re still encountering such problems. More often than not, this simple update will spare you of other investigations. If that wasn’t the case now, you still have a few other things left to try.


For the memory problems…

As you probably suspect, it can be the cash memory or the internal memory. With the cache memory, an initial restart followed – if necessary – by a clear data/clear cache command will do it. For the internal memory, uninstalling some apps to clear up some space will be required. But let us take the things one at a time.

Apps often crash because of various memory glitches. You could and you actually should restart the OnePlus 5 once in a while, just to prevent the random crashes. If that doesn’t do the trick, you will have to:

  1. Go to the Home screen;
  2. Access the Apps icon;
  3. Navigate to Manage Applications, with a right/left swipe;
  4. Identify the malfunctioning app from that list;
  5. Select the app;
  6. Select Clear Data;
  7. Select Clear Cache when it’s done.


As for the alternative with the lack of memory, apps often get unstable when the OnePlus 5 doesn’t have enough memory for it to run properly. Any unused or infrequently used app should be removed. Also important, consider deleting media files like old photos and music – or at least transfer them to a location in the cloud.

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