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OnePlus 5: How To Fix No Service Problem

We will start this short tutorial from the assumption that you have just seen a “No Service” message on the display of your OnePlus 5 smartphone. It’s just as if you’ve got the message “Not Registered On Network” – you don’t have signal and you can’t really use the device.

The problem is common with the OnePlus 4 as well and, actually, with many other smartphones. Here are the solutions that we would suggest you try right away when it comes to restoring the IMEI number and fixing the No Signal error.


Verify the status of the radio signal

The radio signal is an essential feature of the OnePlus 5 that, whenever turned off by mistake, can make you see this No Service error. At the same time, there is also a chance for a GPS or a Wi-Fi problem that you have experienced lately to cause an automatic deactivation of the radio signal. Consequently, whether someone turned it off or it was an accident, you have to make sure that the radio signal is back on.

  1. Navigate to the Dial Pad;
  2. Type in the following code, without pressing any other button when you’re done – (*#*#4636#*#*);
  3. Wait for the OnePlus 5 to enter the Service Mode;
  4. Tap on “Device information” – you might also find it as Phone information;
  5. Hit the Run Ping Test option;
  6. Select the option to Turn Radio Off;
  7. Wait for the smartphone to restart;
  8. When it finishes, select to Reboot.


Verify the IMEI number and fix it

The No Service error on OnePlus 5 is also often triggered by an unknown IMEI number, possibly even by a null IMEI. This is an issue that requires a bit more attention and information, which is why we would recommend you to go through the following article related to dealing with corrupt or null IMEI numbers – Restore the Null IMEI # on OnePlus 5 – Fix the problem of “Not Registered On Network”.


Verify the SIM card and try to switch it

The happiest – or easiest – circumstance that makes your OnePlus 5 to lose service is a minor problem with the SIM card. You can take it out and put it back in, to see if the No Service error persists. If it does, you might also want to use a different SIM card. Lucky you if it works!

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