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OnePlus 5: How To Keep Screen On Longer

In today’s article, we’d like to help you with a common question that we keep getting from our readers – Is there anything you can do to make the screen of the OnePlus 5 to stay active for longer? You’re going to like our answer.

Instead of extending this timeframe, why not adjust the screen to stay active as long as you want? With the Stay Awake feature, it will remain active until you turn it off, even when you’re using its charging cable. More on how to find this Stay Awake feature is presented below…


To extend the period of time when the screen of the OnePlus 5 stays On:

  1. Swipe down the Notification Shade;
  2. Go to Settings;
  3. Go to Device Information;
  4. Select the Build Number;
  5. Tap the Build Number entry several times;
  6. After the seventh tap, you’ll see a notification box saying that the developer options have been unlocked.


Now you can go back to the Device Information menu and enable the newly appeared Developer Options. These steps were essential for giving you access to a special series of settings. You will want to browse for the option labeled as Stay Awake.

When you find it, check its box and, from this moment on, the screen of your OnePlus 5 will stay On until you manually turn it Off.

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