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OnePlus 5: How To Use Calculator App

A good feature that is already downloaded on a OnePlus 5 is the Calculator application. The scientific calculator on a OnePlus 5 is very helpful when you need to do a math problem.

In recent times, you have needed to install an app to use the calculator on your OnePlus 5.

But instead, all you need to do is a shortcut using a widget to put on your home screen of the OnePlus 5. The widget looks like icon that is similar to an app but would instead turn the smartphone into a calculator.

This guide will assist you in teaching you how to use your OnePlus 5 as a calculator.


How To Use Calculator On the OnePlus 5

If you would like to use the OnePlus 5 as a calculator, you will need to initially turn your device so that the screen can rotate. You can rotate your screen by turning on “Rotate Screen” on your status bar. The next step will assist you to use the calculator on the OnePlus 5. If you hold your calculator horizontally, the scientific calculator will appear on your display that will let you do calculations with sine, root, tangent, cosine, and other functions.

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