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OnePlus 5: How To Use Silent Mode (Priority Mode)

If you have just bought an OnePlus 5 and you would like to learn how you put your OnePlus 5 in Silent Mode this guide will help. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as Silent Mode but instead it has changed “Priority Mode. Silent mode does not have the same feature on Android software, which is why it is called Priority Mode. The difference between the two is a bit complex but once you understand it, it can be very helpful.

Priority Mode lets you be more flexibly when choosing people and apps that you do not want to see. Take a look at the guide below in order to learn how you can Priority Mode on the OnePlus 5.


How to Set Up Priority Mode

Clicking the Volume key can set up priority Mode, or “Silent Mode” and choosing Priority from the dialog that pops up that you will notice on your screen. You will see a variety of option below Priority Mode and they can be change for certain period a time. Use the minus and plus button to change the length of Priority Mode on your OnePlus 5.

When your OnePlus 5 device is close to going to Priority Mode, you will see a star show up that has a notification bar, which means that those contacts and apps will be given access to contact you. Even though other messages, updates, and calls will still be expected, your OnePlus 5 will not make any sound until the phone is not on Priority Mode.



How to Controlling your apps

You also have the ability to control individual application using Priority Mode using the Android software. You must first navigate to notification and sound screen and navigate to the App notifications. You must then choose change whatever app and change it to Priority. The main reason why you would use Priority Mode on the OnePlus 5 is that things that are not important will not notify you on the OnePlus 5.


How to Change Priority Mode options

You can customize and change Priority Mode in a variety of ways by choosing the cog icon that shows up when Priority Mode is activated. You can change reminders, events, messages, and calls using the toggle switches. You can also choose different contact that you would like to receive calls and messages from using Priority Mode. Another cool thing about Priority Mode on the OnePlus 5 is the capability to choose certain times that you would like Priority Mode turned off and on automatically. Choose Start time, End Time, and Days to set up the options.

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