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OnePlus 5 WiFi Issues Guide

While it is true that OnePlus 5 Wi-Fi problems may be common, this can be an extremely frustrating situation. Sometimes, it all moves too slow, despite having a strong signal. Other times, your connection is unstable and you don’t know why. We’ve looked into the main situations and here’s what we’ve come up with:


When the OnePlus 5 goes from Wi-Fi to Data out of the blue…

If you have the option of WLAN to Mobile Data connection turned On, this can happen when you expect – or need! – less. It’s actually called Smart Network Switch and, if you actually find it a dumb thing as it gives you more problems than solutions, you can get rid of it. You’ll have to check the Android settings first, but you’ll see that it is not complicated at all:

  1. Make sure you have the mobile data turned on;
  2. Go to the Wireless options from the general Menu, under the Settings section;
  3. Look for the option labeled as Smart Network Switch;
  4. Uncheck this option and leave the menus.


Now, you have instructed the device to stop searching for wireless connections and switching from Wi-Fi to mobile.


When you want to put the Wi-Fi on hold for some time…

Just because you’ve learned how to stop the OnePlus 5 from randomly changing its internet connection it doesn’t mean you will always want to stay on the Wi-Fi alone or on the mobile data alone. This section, however, is about staying mobile. So, if you want to turn off the Wi-Fi:

  1. Swipe down the Notification panel;
  2. Go to Settings;
  3. Select Connections;
  4. Tap on Wi-Fi;
  5. Switch its toggle from On to Off.


When you want to forget a saved network and then to reconnect to it…

If your OnePlus 5 has saved the credentials for connecting to a particular Wi-Fi network, the first time when it tries to do so after the network experienced some configuration changes, you’ll get an error. The best way to go about it is to make the phone forget all these connectivity settings and start it from scratch with that network:

  1. Go to the Wi-Fi network settings of your smartphone;
  2. You’ll spot the list with all the Wi-Fi networks you’ve ever connected to, from the most recent ones to the oldest ones;
  3. Browse for the network you want to remove;
  4. Select it and long press on its name;
  5. From the context menu that will show up, select the Forget option;


Noteif you just want to modify the connectivity data, like the password, you can use the option labeled as Modify.


The alternative to what we just listed above is to go to the Notification panel and hit the gear icon to make it to the Settings window. In there, browse to Network connections and select the Wi-Fi option. Turn off the Wi-Fi and select the network profile that you want your device to forget. Use the same Forget option and that was all.


When you want to speed up your Wi-Fi connectivity…

This desire usually comes into play when you notice that apps that have to load large amounts of data start taking ages until they make visible the texts, the videos, or the pictures displayed. Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook – you know them well. If pictures look gray or get replaced with the broken-image icon, or just take forever to load properly, despite having a solid Wi-Fi signal, you will have to:

  1. Turn off the OnePlus 5;
  2. Then, simultaneously hold the Volume Up, Power, and Home keys;
  3. Wait for the phone to vibrate and the Recovery Mode to start, so you can let go of those keys;
  4. Select, with the Volume Down key, the Wipe Cache Partition option;
  5. Start it with one tap on the Power key;
  6. When it’s done, use the same keys to Reboot System Now.


Say you’ve tried it all, without success? If not even our selection of tips and tricks for dealing with your Wi-Fi issues, Wi-Fi connectivity problems, or Wi-Fi speed on OnePlus 5 have helped, it could be something wrong with the phone. Let a technician check its hardware and software and wait to see what suggestions you get from there. If you have a warranty, it’s even better – you might get to replace the faulty OnePlus 5 for free.

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