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OnePlus 5 Won’t Activate – Solved

It has been reported that some OnePlus 5s do not activate the right way. If this issue is occurring to you it is recommend contacting your device carrier.

If you do not want to talk with your carrier, it is recommended for you to follow the guide below in order to help fix the problem. If you bought the OnePlus 5 from AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile, you may need to take further steps in order to fix the activation issues with the OnePlus 5. Take a look at the variety of ways you can fix the activation problems on the OnePlus 5.


Fixing OnePlus 5 Activation Errors

If there’s a error on your OnePlus 5 and it cannot be activated, it may be the cause of a server of your smartphone. Initially, the problems that you may face when your OnePlus 5 is not being activated are below:

  • Your activations server unavailable temporarily is causing the OnePlus 5 from not activating the right way.
  • Your OnePlus 5 cannot be recognized thus does not allow it to be activated.



A quick simple and easy fix to solve the error that appears is to do a quick restart of your OnePlus 5. If you restart the OnePlus 5, it does not mean that the activation problems on your OnePlus 5 will be solved but is a great place to begin. You need to turn your OnePlus 5 off and then try to turn your device back to see if the activation problem is solved.



Occasionally when the OnePlus 5 has been having some activations issues, it is recommended to do a factory reset of your OnePlus 5. A good reason to do a factory reset of the OnePlus 5 is to start new on your smartphone. It is important to keep in mind that you should back up all of your information and files before you do a factory reset to stop you data from being erased. You can do this by navigating to the Settings and the “Backup & Reset” option on your OnePlus 5.


Network Issues with Wi-Fi

Occasionally the network and Wi-Fi settings block a specific connection to your server. Try to get a different Wi-Fi in order to see that your Wi-Fi network is not the problem and see if the OnePlus 5 still has activation error.


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