Samsung Galaxy J5: How To Turn OFF And ON Autocorrect

Don’t you like the way the Autocorrect fixes your typos or any other spelling errors when you text from a Samsung Galaxy J5? You’re not the only one, which is why we have prepared this short tutorial – to show everyone interested how to tackle these settings. You’ll learn how to turn this thing off, for the time being, and how to turn in back on, in the future, if you will ever want to play with the Autocorrect again.

Here’s your guide to handling the Autocorrect on Samsung Galaxy J5, with the stock keyboard app!


To adjust the status of the Autocorrect feature on Samsung Galaxy J5:

  1. Launch any app or go to any screen where the keyboard is present by default;
  2. Find the Dictation Key from the left side of the Space Bar and tap and hold it;
  3. After that, select the Settings icon;
  4. Find the Smart Typing option and select it;
  5. Tap the Predictive Text to change its status;
  6. Take a look at all your other options (punctuation marks, auto-capitalization etc.) and decide if or what else you want to modify.


When you want to adjust your previous… adjustments:

  1. Return to the Smart Type section from your keyboard app;
  2. Tap once again on the Predictive Text or on any other option and change its status.


From On to Off or the other way around, you can switch it to any setting of your Galaxy J5 autocorrect. The secret is to know how to access the settings, which, you do.

As a final note, keep in mind that the process is really that simple only for those who kept the stock keyboard app from Samsung. In case you’ve used the Google Play to get yourself a third-party keyboard, the process of adjusting the Autocorrect on Samsung Galaxy J5 in this new context might be different!

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