Samsung Galaxy J5: How To Use Private Mode

The Private Mode is one of those instruments that make you excited about using a smartphone like Samsung Galaxy J5. It’s a built-in feature, which will save you from the effort of dealing with any other third-party apps. And it can be used with quite a large selection of files. Most of our readers, however, are interested in how to use the Private Mode to hide their personal photos, videos, or other kinds of files. Through this article, you too will learn the same things and you’ll be very happy for coming to know this special protection method for sensitive documents…


The Private Mode on Samsung Galaxy J5:

  1. Allows you to create a Secure Folder;
  2. Guides you to set up a password for it;
  3. And makes the Secure Folder invisible to anyone.


As long as you are out of the Private Mode, the folder will not be visible not even to you. Once you activate the Private Mode and type the pin code, it will show up and you will be able to edit its content just like you do with any other folder. More on how to get there is presented below.


The activation of the Private Mode will require you to:

  1. Swipe the top of the screen, with two fingers, downward;
  2. Check the list of icons and select Private Mode;
  3. For a first-time user, you’ll see the default walkthrough and you’ll have to set up your Pin Code;
  4. Every other time when you activate it, you will have to simply type the password.


Now, for deactivating the Private Mode on Samsung Galaxy J5, think of the above simple steps, minus the Pin Code. Basically, you swipe with two fingers once again and tap one more time on the Private Mode, to turn it off.

Between these two simple actions, the activation and deactivation, you will naturally have to operate with the files from the Secure Folder. Aside from the actual editing, you will be able to add or remove other files from the Private Mode:

  1. Activate the Private Mode, first;
  2. Select the files you want to hide;
  3. Tap on the Overflow menu button located in the upper right;
  4. Use the Move to Private option;
  5. Deactivate the Private Mode, in the end.


It cannot be any simpler. Now that you have discovered this feature on your Samsung Galaxy J5, you can be even more relaxed about letting your friends or relatives play on your phone – they won’t even know what you’re hiding inside!


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