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Screen Won’t Turn On OnePlus 5- Solved

Staring at the black screen of your OnePlus 5 smartphone while all the buttons were lighting up just like they usually do? Weird thing, indeed, but it happened to others as well. Whether you’re getting this strange behavior on different occasions, completely random, or it’s becoming more like the norm, you have to investigate why the screen fails to wake up.


Not enough battery?

This is easy to check, just find a power outlet and plug the OnePlus 5 smartphone to charge its battery. Leave it like that for a couple of minutes and only then try again to see if the screen is now responsive or not.


A stuck Power button?

Since you’re using the Power key to wake up the screen but it isn’t working, you can assume that it just got stuck. This kind of physical problem can be easily fixed if it’s just a glitch – you hit the button several times in a row until you manage to unlock it – or it might require the intervention of a technician – in case it is broken for good.


A third-party app messing with your OnePlus 5?

The display can become unresponsive when the device itself is blocked. You know how third-party apps can sometimes make it freeze so, just to rule this out, you’ll have to boot into Safe Mode. When the phone is in Safe Mode, you can be sure that it only runs a couple of pre-loaded apps – in any case, nothing from your list of third-party apps. If the screen is responsive and works just fine in this mode, it’s clear that the problem is with one of those third-party apps, currently blocked.


To verify this theory:

  1. Press and hold the Power key until you see the OnePlus screen loading;
  2. Then, you can simply let go of that key and start pressing and holding the Volume Down key;
  3. The smartphone will restart and you’ll see the Safe Mode text on the screen, right at the bottom-left corner.



A cache partition problem?

Again, when an app is giving you problems, you might have to wipe the cache partition before you consider giving up on it. This time, you’ll have to do it from the Recovery Mode:

  1. Hold the three keys of Power, Home, and Volume Up – all at the same time, until the phone vibrates;
  2. Once you feel the vibration, release just the Power button;
  3. Continue holding the other two buttons until you see the Android System Recovery screen loading on the display;
  4. Then, you can let go of all the buttons and start your navigation;
  5. Highlight the Wipe Cache Partition option with the Volume Down key;
  6. Start it with the Power key;
  7. Wait for the phone to wipe the cache and reboot automatically.


If none of our suggestions helped, take your OnePlus 5 to an authorized service. It could be a physical damage involved, just like we have mentioned above. If necessary, the technician could even decide to replace the phone and help you get rid of the power button problem.

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