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SIM Size Info On OnePlus 5

For those that want to buy the new smartphone from OnePlus, you may want to know the SIM size info on OnePlus 5. It’s important to know this information because you want to have the correct type of SIM card so you can use it properly with the One Plus 5.

You need to have the correct type of SIM card so you can connect your phone to the Internet, using the calling feature and send/receive SMS.  Overall, smartphones have three different type of SIM cards that work with phones. But not all phones are able to read these different SIM cards. For example, the OnePlus 5 only take a Nano-SIM card.

The OnePlus 5 requires a Nano Sim Card

If your previous phone had a Nano SIM card, you’ll have no problems using the One Plus 5. But if you have either a Micro or Standard Sim card, you will have to get a Nano Sim Card to be able to use the OnePlus 5 properly.

SIM card without nano-perforation

Another method instead of getting a new SIM card for your OnePlus 5, would be to use a “SIM card cutter.” With the SIM card cutter tool, you’ll be able to adjust the size of your old larger SIM card so it can fit into the new One Plus 5.

Prior to cutting your old SIM card, we should mention that if you damage your SIM card you can’t use it for the OnePlus 5 or your old phone. This means that you’ll have to get a completely new one. If you have a damaged SIM card, a quick fix would be to go to your local mobile wireless store and have them provide you a new SIM card.

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