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Turning OFF Camera Shutter Sound On OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 5 camera feature is fantastic for taking videos and pictures. A lot of people would like to learn how they can turn their OnePlus 5 camera sound off when it starts to shutter. The shutter sound may become annoying to certain people and the clicking may draw some unwanted attention when you’re taking a selfie.

It is illegal to turn the camera sound off in the U.S. since the law says that cell phones that have digital camera have to make a sound when a picture is being take. The guide below is to learn how you can turn you camera sound off on your OnePlus 5 and turn the camera sound down on your OnePlus 5.


Using the third party camera application

A good way to turn your OnePlus 5 camera sound off is to use a third party camera application. This is because the original Android camera application will make a shutter noise when you are taking a picture but not other camera apps. You can take a look at a variety of app on your Play Store and see which camera applications that you like and what app does not make a camera sound on the OnePlus 5.


Muting or turning down the volume

A different method to turning your camera sound off on your OnePlus 5 is to turn down or mute the volume on the device. You can do this by simply clicking your Volume Down key on the side of the OnePlus 5 until your smartphone sets to vibrate mode. When your volume sound is mute on your OnePlus 5, the devices camera shutter noise cannot be heard when a picture is about to be taken.


Putting headphones in will not work

A great idea to turn your camera sound off on the OnePlus 5 that does not work is have your headphones plugged into your smartphone. In a lot of cases when the headphones are plugged, sound from your device will play through your headphone rather than your device. But, this is not the case with your OnePlus 5 since the media audio is separate from the notification sound so the noise will still come through the speakers like usual.


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